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Image by Markus Spiske


Agriabell was retained by a venture capital investment firm to conduct a production capacity assessment of a plant-based alternative protein facility in the North of Israel. The potential investors were interested in understanding the theoretical capacity of the operation (with current assets) and its primary bottlenecks.

Through collaboration with the manufacturer in a multi-day site visit, Agriabell collected specific information to build a capacity model, validate the model with theoretical equipment speeds, propose key constraints to the processes and draft a capacity calculation factoring in schedule loss, availability, performance, and quality. Results of the study were delivered in a final report and used for financial planning purposes.

Process Improvement

A food preparation facility was attempting to get their regulatory compliance program approved by the Ministry of Health so that they could proceed with a final inspection to obtain registration and licensing but they were struggling with this process. Agriabell was retained to take over the process and completed the written programs, obtained approval, participated in the final inspection and ultimately registration and licensing was obtained.

Food Safety

Production facility was designed and constructed to meet the new customer demands with the client’s successful expansion into the European market. From concept through to commissioning, Agriabell acted as the client’s representative to manage all aspects of scope, schedule, and budget. Success of the project required integration with the local contractors and design to meet local code compliance, both of which were achieved. This governmentally approved facility houses multiple production lines for case ready food production and has built in future expansion capability.


Agriabell helped a new “Super-food” company to understand how to market its new product in the Israeli market.  By conducting extensive local research combined with global perspectives, we were able to tailor the right marketing concept for the company and to prepare an extensive and detailed Go-to-Market strategy.  We proudly worked alongside the company during and after launching the product into the market.

Business Strategy

Process Design

A cottage cheese maker was undergoing unprecedented growth in sales and as a result needed to unlock some hidden production volume without major capital investment.  Through capacity modelling, process flow diagrams and process mapping, Agriabell led the client to a prioritized list of potential improvement projects. The assessment successfully identified gaps and bottlenecks in production, both process and personnel related, that could inform future decisions to improve plant efficiency through better material handling practices and adjustments to product flow.

While a host of constraints were identified, there was one process the client agreed was particularly limiting to their throughput. To address that issue,  Agriabell collaborated on multi-week trial to understand the root-cause of the problem and implement solutions. Pursuant to the results, the client saw a +7% increase in throughput of that process. Other deliverables of the assessment included: process maps, process flow diagrams, production layout drawings, and an interactive capacity model.

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