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Who We Are


Agriabell was created to provide the food, beverage and agricultural industries with a resource that is like no other.

Agriabell set out to start a new norm in consulting for the food industry. We quickly began to make a name for ourselves, bringing to the table experience, expertise and network connections to provide our clients with answers to their challenges. Agriabell provides practical, workable and executable recommendations that positively influence our clients’ businesses.

Recognizing that it doesn’t matter how state of the art your facility is or how masterfully your business is operating, without safe food no business can be profitable in the long run. This was one of the first services we provided. Soon after, Agriabell saw the need to retain qualified and capable people who understand the food industry beyond just footprints and SWOT analysis. Agriabell continues to seek out the best engineers, business and marketing minds that have practical experience and qualifications to quickly adapt and adjust to the ever-present challenges of the food industry.

Today Agriabell continues to grow by supporting increasingly complex and larger scale projects for the industry. However, we have never forgotten what has built our business; our valued, long standing relationship with new regionally based start-ups, industry leaders, and the many sectors in the agri-food industry.

We have always been and continue to be problem solvers and we love the challenge of solving and responding to the needs of all of our clients. We are looking forward to working with you.

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