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Specialized Architectural, Civil, Mechanical and Electrical design.


We are able to perform a variety of Feasibility Studies which allow stakeholders to make well informed decisions when developing new processes and facilities, or expanding and modifying current operations. Each study addresses different criteria in order to provide the information that is most relevant to the restructuring or expansion your company is undergoing.


Our architectural design experts offer several years of combined experience designing a variety of food manufacturing, storage, and distribution facilities. We collaborate with our clients to achieve a building layout best suited to their operation, and generate drawing packages to be submitted for Building Permit, Tender, Construction, or as part of a Request For Proposal.


Our Civil Engineering partners will work with local Municipalities and Surveyors as well as our own Architectural and Mechanical Engineering Departments to develop a Civil & Site Development Design and Drawing Package that will address any site alterations and services required to accommodate a new or renovated facility.

We are also able to provide in-house Environmental Engineering services by performing an analysis of the facilities Air Quality Emissions and Noise & Vibration levels, including preparation of Environmental Compliance Applications.


The most demanding elements of any food production facility are the mechanical services and systems required to operate the clients’ processes and buildings. Our Mechanical Engineering Advisors have extensive knowledge and experience in designing a wide range of systems for products including raw and processed meat, carbonated beverages, dairy products, and baked goods, each having their own list of challenges.


An often overlooked but vital element to any Agri-Food facility is the electrical lighting and power systems needed to keep a facility and its operations running in a cost effective and efficient manner. We provide expertise in essential services that facilitate both building and process operations, allowing Plant Managers and Maintenance staff to effectively maintain their facility while simultaneously reducing operational costs. We also provides Pre-Start Health and Safety Reviews (PSR’s) for new and existing equipment to help ensure that our client’s processes are running as safely as possible.


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