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HACCP, Facility Design, Food Labeling


Agriabell food safety experts are experienced in HACCP program written design, implementation, employee training, and certification and/or licensing assistance. We work with nationally and internationally licensed clients to design customized, efficient and operationally executable programs that address requirements unique to each food manufacturer’s process and regulatory requirements.


Facility design is critical to new food processing plant builds or renovations. Systematic food safe layouts and flows ensure that new or renovated buildings comply with regulatory requirements, HACCP, as well as optimize the production efficiency. Our team regularly designs plant schematics and flow diagrams for inclusion in HACCP plans. Working together with our engineering team, we also create site designs, and advise on the layout of machinery and production lines based on food safety program and regulatory compliance.


Our food safety experts are experienced in navigating the regulatory requirements for industry labelling. These key acts and regulations aim to protect against health hazards and fraudulent activities surrounding the sale of food products. Our academically qualified food safety team has developed an internal review process that assists food manufacturing companies with labelling a large variety of food products, while keeping informed of regulatory updates on an ongoing basis. We will work with your company to establish all general and food-specific labelling requirements your prepackaged food product must legally adhere to before it is introduced to the market.  


Providing customized financial forecasting models, feasibility studies, business plans and organizational design to food based clients. Our Business Strategy plans are realistic, actionable and operationally executable.  Whether your endeavors include company start-up, amalgamation or expansion, our business strategists are experts in the food and beverage industry helping you take the next step with confidence.


Unlock the hidden potential of your food and beverage manufacturing facility with some help from our Process Improvement experts. Our specialists have an in-depth understanding of Lean, Six Sigma, and Total Quality Management (TQM). Using these methodologies, alongside their real-world experience in food and beverage manufacturing, they work with your operations staff to identify production constraints and make tangible improvements that align with your company goals.  We also provide site surveys and efficiency reports on food services operations: dining halls, restaurants, hotels, etc.


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